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Huli ʻIa

Huli ʻIa is an observational process documenting natural changes over time, identifies dominant cycles, and assists in identifying correlations between species and their life cycles. Huli’ia stems from traditional management systems driven by an intimate understanding of the natural environment and the ability for communities to adjust and adapt their activities to support these systems of nature. It allows natural cycles to support and guide our management practices allowing the flexibility needed for appropriate resource management.
The Huli ʻIa process is taught through the Nā Kilo ʻĀina programs offered through our organization.

Huli ʻIa Community Calendars

Huli’ia supports communities in intimately understanding the obvious and subtle moods and characteristics of their place and documents it in community seasonal calendars.
Calendars have been established at Kalaemanō, Kona and Hōlanikū, Papahānaumokuākea.

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Processes and Resources: What We Do
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