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Our Programs

The Focus of Our Efforts

Teaching Our Communities

Nā Kilo ʻĀina

Our educational programs are based on Nā Kilo ʻĀina, an initiative to engage our communities with our environments. Our programs provide whole sensory experiences in our environments, and within supportive surroundings. Our teams develop programs unique and tailored to learners of every age from school groups to general community. Learn more about the Nā Kilo ʻĀina experience for you or your learners.

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Feeding Our Communities

Community Service Programs

ʻĀina momona sustains and feeds us kanaka. There are strong community organizations that are producing ʻāina momoa (productive and thriving places). Our community service programs connect the larger community to these ʻāina momona. Learn how you can help an ʻāina momona produce and thrive.

Knowing Our Communities

Our Processes and Ways of Knowing

Nā Maka Onaona promotes and practices our process of engaging with our environments. These processes are called Pilina Kai and Huli ʻIa. Learn more about how we engage in our place and community.

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