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No Mākou

About Us

Nā Maka Onaona is a 501c-3 non-profit organization based in Hawaiʻi. (NEED COPY)

Our Vision 

Aina Momona: A productive and thriving Hawaii

Our Mission

To cultivate and support Aina Momona, thriving communities of people and place.

Our Purpose

To provide culturally grounded educational programs and partnerships that support the over all health of our communities; mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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“The health of our environment is a direct reflection of the health of our people and vice versa.”

Pelika Andrade

President, Nā Kilo ʻĀina

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Our Team

About: Meet the Team

Lauren Iokepa

Alakaʻi - Nā Kilo ʻĀina

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Our Board 


Pelika Andrade, M.A.

President & Founder

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Lehua Ah Sam, M.A. 


Lehua Ah Sam is a cultural practitioner and community educator. She lives in Kohala with her husband and young daughter. She currently is a Lecturer at Hawaiʻi Community College and assists organizations with organizational capacity development and community engagement.


Kaliko Ching


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Carolyn Wong Auweloa, M.A. 


Carolyn Wong has been a conservationist for 19 years working with farmers, ranchers and foresters protect and improve the health of their soil, water, air, plants and animals. She is currently the Grazing Land Management Specialist for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Pacific Islands Area. Commonly known as a “grass nerd” Carolyn works to increase awareness of rangeland health concepts within agencies, communities, and stakeholder groups to apply those concepts into land management that benefits the health of our landscapes and the coral reef systems that they affect. She brings her perspective as a child of this land, combined with contemporary understanding of ecological systems and seeks to build a broader knowledge base of the novel ecosystems and disturbance ecology unique to our islands. She brings a practical, agricultural, field-based viewpoint to the board in her service as secretary.s. No mess cause she knows how to castrate animals.

About: Meet the Team
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